Whisky Review – Daftmill Summer 2018 release

Daftmill Summer 2018 release

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£95 if you can find it anywhere.


Quite light initially, but with time there’s solid bourbon barrel goodness. Vanilla ice cream. Lemon and lime cordial. A fair bouquet of floral. There’s a waxy nature to the fruit, I keep thinking of lemon sherberts, in fact there’s a whole cacophony of Sweet shop notes. There’s something a little smoky in the background, but more of a charred wood, burnt matches (without any sulphur).


Thick on the mouthfeel, there’s a sweet creamy arrival, lots of vanilla creamy custard. A slight prickle of ginger spice going into the development which continues with lots of custard, some sweetened bread dough, almost donut like. There’s a gentle lemon curd running throughout.


A short to medium length finish, the lemon custard lingers for a little while with a touch of charred oak coming through at the very end.

Adding water.

I’ve decided not to add any water, this Whisky is light and subtle in its delicious flavours and I fear that dilution will weaken it. I’m enjoying it too much as is basically. 😋


This is an absolute dream of a Whisky. Not overly complex, but solid old school, quality matured whisky. Very drinkable, very enjoyable. Now, is it worth the money? It’s rarity would determine that it is worth it. It’s a small distillery which doesn’t produce a lot and is very selective about what it releases. I commend this. Personally (on my budget) if it was 15-20 cheaper then I wouldn’t hesitate to buy, open and enjoy. That’s not to say it isn’t worth the retail price, it’s bloody lovely stuff. Though I haven’t had a lot of Rosebank in my Whisky experience, it somewhat reminds me of it. (Just read Serge’s review after writing this I swear!!)

Sample passed to me from a good mate.

Cheers dude, that was a real treat. 😉 👍🏻