Whisky Review – Islay #3 – 7 year old That Boutique-y Whisky Company. @BoutiqueyWhisky

Islay #3 7 year old That Boutique-y Whisky Company

49.2% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£46.95 from Master of Malt

It’s been a while since I bought a bottle of anything and just immediately opened it the same day. This Islay #3 from the Boutique-y Whisky Company was just too damn compelling to wait though. It’s young for sure, but it’s colour says some active cask interaction has occurred. It’s label suggests to me it’s a Laphroaig (it’s a guess, never a certainty), and I’ve had some great young Laphroaig’s in the past year or so, so it was strictly a no brainer.


From first pour there is a lovely dry ashy bonfire in the glass. Caramel sweet, smoky butterscotch, but with a herbal heather smoulder and a honey dew melon squeezed over the top. There are touches of sweetened lemon in the background, overall a great depth to the nose, with its earthy herbal sweet complexities.


Damn drinkable! Starts of sweet and smoky, with some charred bbq ribs and sweet honey rich bbq glaze. Lots of sugars follows, burnt caramel, toasted sugars, a little roast ham (complete with clove studs), some anise, some blackcurrant fruit gums, a few more assorted dark fruit based chewy gummy sweets. Sweet maple based charcoal smoke. Bloody hell damn drinkable.


The aftermath of a menthol cigarette and some good well done barbecued meats. And a fair dollop of honey rich dipping sauce. Need more sips please.

Adding water.

Added a few drops, but I think it’s at its optimal drinking strength. The nose is smokier and more bruising to the senses now, drier and ashier, bellowing smoke. The palate, lighter, sweeter, a little more peat and simpler sugars, the finish ashier and drier. I prefer this at bottle strength, but it’s worth trying with a little water if you like the cleaner sweetness, I prefer things a little more dirty complex.


Absolutely bloody lovely. Great Islay expression, it ticks all the boxes, plus it’s extremely drinkable in a dangerously more-ish way. Love it. Glad I jumped in, this bottle won’t last long at all. Consider buying 2! I did. 😉

My own bottle.

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