Whisky Review – Aerstone 10 year old Land Casko

Aerstone 10 year old Land Cask
40% ABV
£30.00 from Tesco (currently on offer at £20)


Quite pungent and smoky. Bonfire smoke, rich honey, touch of vanilla and cask char. There’s some maritime notes, tar and wet rope, cigarette smoke, an earthy moss and some damp grass. Very autumnal. With a little time the smoke turns more medicinal, some hospital cleanliness and plasters, with a touch of germolene. Some old leaves and an autumn forest comes to mind.


Chewy honey, some spiced toffee, vanilla. Burnt toast and marmalade, some sweet ginger. Not so much active smoke on the palate. The mouthfeel suffers from the 40% and chill filtration, but there is good flavour here and it’s perfectly sippable.


A touch of smoke, a lot of runny honey and some ginger remains. Short to medium in duration.

Adding water.

Small drop added. Very little difference on the nose. The smoke is more enhanced on the palate, and things become more integrated, I’m pleasantly surprised to say a small drop of water improves this whisky.


Again, my critical comments regarding the ABV are just personal. I would love to try this dram at 46% and non chill filtered. I think it will be a belter, just like Aisla Bay is in its official bottling form. However, as this whisky stands and at a reduced price of £20 currently at Tesco, this is a bargain. It’s a tasty, affordable midweek dram, which I will be seeking out a bottle ASAP. This is my favourite of the pair of Aerstone single malts, but they are both pretty damn good at this price point.

See my review for the Sea Cask here.

Thanks to Aerstone for the official review sample.

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