Whisky Review – Aerstone 10 year old Sea Cask

Aerstone 10 year old Sea Cask
40% ABV
£30.00 from Tesco (currently on offer at £20)


Certainly salty sea air right up front. Very coastal. A touch of lemon citrus, lemon peel, and zest. A full house of lemons! There’s also a hint of oranges. It’s a vibrant fruity dram with an overcoat of seaside influences. There’s a hint of smoke, but not a lot. A little time and we have some additional tropical fruit notes, some mango and a hint if grilled pineapple.


Honey, clove studded and baked oranges, some liquorice. The mouthfeel is unfortunately quite weak. There are hints at some nice oiliness but is lost in the ABV. The balance of the flavours as is is good though, rich fruit and honey offset with some nice spices and a salty edge. It’s a chewable and moreish Whisky.


Spiced orange and liquorice root sticks around for a short while, replaced with some light vanilla ice cream.

Adding water.

Not reviewing with added water. It killed it for me.


Actually surprised me. As critical as I am of the ABV and the effect it’s had on the overall feel of the palate, I really like this whisky, it’s a good tasty midweek drinker which doesn’t break the bank. As it’s currently on offer for 20 notes it’s well worth hunting one down. I will be.

See my review for the Land Cask here.

Thanks to Aerstone for the official review sample.

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