Whisky Review – White Walker by Johnnie Walker / @Johnniewalker_

White Walker by Johnnie Walker
41.7% ABV
£33.95 from The Whisky Exchange


Grainy, young and a touch acrid. There’s hints of vanilla, a little bitter oak, not a lot going on initially. It’s very closed. Might warm it up a bit (for reference I didn’t have this in the freezer like the serving suggestion). A lot of warmth and a little white fruits come out, touch of peach, apricot maybe. It’s very grainy though, lots of corn, popcorn, hints of creamy vanilla.


Ok, so warmed up it actually works better on the palate, quite sweet, more white fruits, peach, honeydew melon, hint of orange juice, lots of creamed corn, vanilla ice cream, some rough spices, ginger, cardamon. Definitely has more going for the palate than the nose.


Short, sweetness turns bitter, like chewing an old pencil with some popcorn.

Adding water.

Just a drop added. Nose is now muted. Bit vodka like with some oak. Palate is weakened and more sugar and vanilla now, the bitterness of the finish coming in sooner. Don’t dilute. Or if you do do it with something flavoured. Works nicely with orange juice actually. 😜


Ok, so as they suggested it I did it, and as I expected it’s not worth talking about. Everything is closed up. Couldn’t smell much at all, bit of vanilla and alcohol that’s it. The palate was thick in the mouthfeel (it would be), but numb in the taste. Nah, hit it with OJ and quaffed happily.


Ok, let’s be honest, this isn’t a half-experienced whisky drinkers whisky. There are much better blends and single malts at the same price or less that are much superior to this. But as a marketing exercise it’s clever. I got it as I’m a curious whisky drinking Game of Thrones fan, remove the whisky experience and I would be happy. But with whisky drinking experience it takes more to please, and this one isn’t for my palate. Now in a cocktail it works fine, and that’s what this whisky is hitting towards. Freeze me, mix me. For that approach is does the job. If you’re expecting a great blend then just reach for Black or Green Label instead. Same price or much less and much more rewarding.

My own bottle.