Whisky Review – Cutty Sark (cask strength and carry on edition)

Cutty Sark (cask strength and carry on edition)
51.4% ABV
£34.95 at MasterOfMalt

This is the third release from the boys at caskstrength.net. I have to say thank you as I was one of the lucky two that won bottles of cutty sark in their draw! Thanks guys. I’ve been a follower of what they have been doing since absolutely bloody loving their ‘b’ release last year. The Benriach was absolutely cracking and I wish I bought more! Here’s looking forward to the ‘d’ release…coming soon?!?! I’m hoping Dalmore. But who knows! Lol.


Wisps of smoke. Grain. Yeast. A little youth on the nose. Fresh green apples. Vanilla. A little honey in the backdrop.


Sweet. Very sweet. Wasn’t expecting that. Mouthfeel is viscous and full. Alcohol nip kicks in and out. Then we have honey, vanilla, creamy custard notes. Quite smooth despite its higher ABV. Got some grain to it. But that isn’t a bad thing. We like grain here! It’s creamy and very enjoyable. Well, this is very easy to drink without water. But I think it may change.


Short-medium. Youth! Young spirit. Vanilla. Very creamy. Warming and quick and wanting to get in for another sip!

Adding water.

Dollop into my dram. Minimal change in the nose. Palate is lighter on the mouthfeel. Sweeter. But has more to it in terms of honey, cream, vanilla. And general scrumminess.


It’s a blend. And an easy one. Very tasty indeed. Grainier than your average dram. But that’s not a bad thing for variation if your a single malt type. It’s actually really creamy, light, easy, Friday night after a shit week at work type dram. One to toast the crap away with! In fact. Right now. For me. It’s bloody perfect!