Whisky Review – the Glenlivet 15 year old French Oak

Glenlivet 15 French Oak
40% ABV
£37.24 at MasterOfMalt


Very sweet. Rich and creamy. Tutti fruiti. Buckets of Vanilla and Honey. A little citrus grapefruit in the background, but the sweetness does tend to overwhelm the hidden complexities.


Sweet. Caramel. Honey. Some citrus. A little aged oak tannins coming through mid development. Chewy. Very creamy and easy to drink.


Sweet. Honey. A little grapefruit peel. Some drying oak spice at the finale.

Adding Water.

A small drop added. There is a little more citrus (specifically grapefruit) in the nose. The sweetness has subsided a little. More oak tannins are evident. Some floral aromas are also present. On the palate more complexity is revealed, with softer fruits coming to the forefront. More aged oak, whilst retaining its creamy sweet profile. The finish is creamy, warm and quite luxurious. This dram definitely benefits from a drop of water.


This is a very nice session dram. One which I would enjoy on any night. It’s a quality, well constructed whisky.