The Macallan Tweet Taste

Macallan 1824 Tweet Tasting.

Macallan Gold
ABV 40%
Around £36 from Thewhiskyexchange or Master of Malt

Colour – Gold


Robust. Minerals. Very floral. With some zest going on up front. Some citrus peel. Oak is very evident.The new make is quite prominent, but nicely sniffable. Time in the glass gives more zestiness and a little background sherry influence with raisin notes.


Smooth and clean. More fruit on the palate than in the nose. Some Vanilla, apples, pineapple. A peppery development. Very light and easy to drink.


Drying, wood spices, pepper, a little of sherry influence I’m finding in the drying finish and oak stays behind.

Adding Water?

A tiny drop as its already at 40%. More citrus on the nose. Definitely weakens some of the spirity notes I wasn’t so fond of on the initial nosing. Some orange peel comes through and a little chocolate. More of the sherries influences come through as well. It really benefits on the nose with a drop of water. Palate wise the same, its far more fruity. I think its almost a little confused straight from the bottle, but the drop of water really allows it to open up and give so much more of itself. Its creamier, tastier all around. The finish even leaves a more fruity twang in the mouth, drying out, but remaining creamy and easy to the end.

Macallan Amber
ABV 40%
Around £45 from Master of Malt or Thewhiskyexchange
Or £41.60 from the green welly

Colour – Amber(!)


A fruitier nose than the Gold. More apple, pineapple and lemons up front immediately. The new make influence is more in the background, so a little more age to this dram. Some darker fruits are already there. Sherried raisin and sultanas. Some honey and vanilla, mellow cream and a little oak.


Ok, this is far superior to the Gold. Richer fruits, Sherried influences (which i love), apples, raisin, sultana, vanilla, honey, a little light toffee. Its yummy. Easy, but rich and thickly enjoyable. Still very light and creamy, very very easy drinker, moreish.


Creamy, sherried dark fruits, toffied malt and wood notes, some dusty oak, but all well balanced and very enjoyable.

Adding Water?

A small drop again. 40%, and I like this one as it is in honesty. With water its mellowed, but thats not necessarily a good thing. More toffee on the nose. caramel, less fruit though. On the palate its drier. Still has the nice sherried dark fruits, apples, vanilla etc, but its rushing to the finish (if you know what I mean?), creamy, but the finish is premature, and that gives the same drying wood spices/dust notes, and a little less fruit than the neat palate. This is one I prefer without water (just an opinion).

Macallan Sienna
ABV 43%
Around £66 from Thewhiskyexchange or Master of Malt

Or £61.00 from the green welly

Colour – Sienna?!


Rich, enticing, thick sherried dark fruits. Raisins and sultanas just drenched in Sherry and Rum. Glutinous Fruit Cake, Christmas in a glass. Time and patience gives some polished mahogany, leather, some tobacco. Its a beauty alright, chocolate orange. Scrumptious. As the tweets went, not the same league (to gold and amber), its not even the same sport. Its bloody lush. Could keep my nose in this for an absolute age. Its malt’s like this that made me give up smoking so I could smell more!


Rich Sherried malt, Chocolate oranges, lovely oily mouth coating. Xmas Spices and Christmas pudding glory. Wood spices intermingle and make this a fabulous balance. This FEELS good. Its warming and coating on the inside. This is just bloody glorious.


Its a dry one again, but that creamy chocolate fruitcake sticks around for a long time, and is just demanding more attention. I can see a bottle of this will not last long at all.

Adding Water?

A drop in whats left of my dram (so moreish there wasn’t a lot left!). The up front in your face fruit is replaced with a more balanced fruit vs. oak/polished wood notes. The reduced palate doesn’t have the punch, or as much of the joy i found in the undiluted version. Oh man, I ruined the last mouthful with a drop of water. I definitely have to say this one is neatest neat. Maybe just my opinion? I may have drowned it. 😦

Macallan Ruby
ABV 43%
Around £118 from Master of Malt or Thewhiskyexchange

Or £108 from the green welly stop

Colour – Rich Mahogany


Quite pungent. Heavily sherried malt. All the usual Chocolate, Orange Peel, Christmas Cake, Rum and Raisin. On warp factor 10. Now, Im a big sherry monster head. and therefore this dram rings my bells. Leather, tobacco, dusty museum wood is all there in abundance.


Sweet and rich intensity to the sherried malt. All the deep fruitcake and rum and raisin comes through on the palate with vigour. Some Crusty brown sugar notes, baked oranges and chocolate melted over the top. Surprisingly smooth though, and easily accessible. Its the smoothest of the night.


Old museums. Drying wood spices and dust (again), looses the fruitiness a little quicker than Sienna.

Adding Water?

Tiny drop added after my drowning of poor Sienna. More depth to the fruity nose. And more spices too, its got a lot going in the nose that can only be gotten to with a little water. Cloves and cinnamon come out of the dark, the dried sherried fruits are still in abundance but mixing with the wood spices nicely. On the palate there is a more of a sweet and sour mix going on. Its more of the same generally, with a sweeter finish, so the water adds somethings for me to the nose and finish and takes a little from the palate. Swings and roundabouts on this one for adding water.


So, my personal favourite was Sienna. It heralded more value for money than the rest, Ruby had some really good stuff going for it, and does ring my bells, and its the kind of dram I would love to have every night, but unfortunately it sits outside of my price range. A Cask Strength variant at around the same price would do it though! 🙂 Loved the experience and am really grateful to have been able to take part. 🙂 It would be really good to see some slightly higher ABV bottlings of the same expressions, I think they would really stand out (especially Amber and Sienna), and be great winners on the market. (just an opinion!)

Thank you to @the_macallan and @thewhiskywire for an amazing tweet taste.


Macallan batch 3 (That Boutique-y Whisky Company) – Review

Macallan batch 3
That Whisky Boutique-y Company
50cl – £66.95 (Master of Malt)


It’s got that Macallan character in a good way. Lots of toffee. Thick spicy fruitcake with rich dark fruity joy. Spices aloud, cinnamon dominating. With time sat in the glass I get more intensive fruit layering evident. It’s one that you can have sat for a long time, revisiting the nose, different every time, and just begging to be drank, but still has so much to give before hitting the tastebuds.


Surprisingly delicate. Scrummy plums and prunes hit first along with that lovely spicy fruitcake heaven. Spices meander around gently. Rich malt. There’s a creamy texture to the mouth feel which just makes my mouth salivate even more.


A medium long finish. Dry, leaving those dark fruits, some sawdust, a little mustiness (in a good way), and creamy leftovers.

Adding water?

I added minuscule water due to its already low strength. On the nose the fruit is toned down, but exposes more age, developing more oak notes and sawdust. Other fruits become forefront, with stewed apples and pears coming into play. Very complex. The palate increases the varied fruit compote and is a joy to explore. The finish is slightly lighter and creamier.

Personally I would be very sparing with adding water, but it is worth the trip. Just don’t drown it!


A relaxing, complicated, but easy and enjoyable experience. A loving dram. It embraces the soul and says your worth it! An adventure of an exploratory dram, well worth chilling out to. I’d love to know its actual age!

Would I buy it? I already have! Lol.

Available at Master of Malt
Also available as a dram for £6.32