Benriach Batch 1 – That Boutique-y Whisky Company – Review

Benriach Batch 1
That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Available at Master of Malt £49.95

Benriach is high on my favourite distillery’s list. Had a great time with‘s ‘b’ release at Christmas, and this is another corker.


Big fruity explosion. Dark fruits. Raisins. Grape. Cherries. Nicely Sherried. Spme aged spicy oak. Sawdust. I can sense some aniseed in the background. Some woody varnish notes. Warmth richness. A complex nose which I can spend a long time sniffing!


Dry arrival. Not as fruity as the nose would suggest. Some Chocolate and Sherried dark fruits come in time. Rich but delicate.


Dry medium finish. Dry wood spices dominates. Some limited fruit.

Adding water?

I added a small drop here. Conscious of the alcohol levels and not wanting to drown it. Wow! Here comes the fruit! Everything is enhanced with a drop on this one. The fruit really shines through. Everything previously noticed on the nose but appearing absent in the taste and finish blows up and outwards!


All round complex beast with some interesting characteristics in the nose and finish. Would say there is a reasonable age to this. Well worth spending some time with to interrogate further!

Bought as a drink by the dram from Master of Malt. I need to buy a bottle of this before it sells out I think. I’d like to spend more time with this complex monkey!