Whisky Review – The Tweeddale Blend Batch 3

The Tweeddale blend batch 3 – 12 year old
46% ABV
Colouring free. Non-chill filtered
£36.63 from TheWhiskyBarrel

It is my understanding that the grain whisky in this blend is 18 years old. With the malts on the whole 15 years old, with the youngest at 12 years old.


Gentle wisps of bonfire smoke. Creamy vanilla custard. Sweet grass. A little sherried fruits hiding about. Also some light crisp apple in the background. With time in the glass fruity lemon citrus notes come forward. Creamy vanilla fully in command with a fade to the smokey tinge. It’s a lovely complex nose, glorious.


Creamy. Then pepper. Biscuity malt flies in. Creamy vanilla overtakes. Smooth custard stays with some sweetness of the grain coming through. A nice level of wood spice is present throughout. Very excellent balance to the palate overall.


Medium to long. Creamy, light, drying with some oak spices. Lashings of creamy vanilla custard with a dash of toffee. Some light milky chocolate remains. Some time later the creamy oak spices are still on my palate. Lush.

Adding Water.

A dash added to my half dram. The nose exhibits more varied oak spices. Pepper. Still with the intensely creamy vanilla and honey. There are more green fruits in the aroma. The palate is less peppery, has more creamy fruit (apple pie with custard), and a greater smoothness. The finish is even creamier and mellow.


I could describe this as complex, intriguing, requiring some serious time and investigation. Just the same as I could describe this as easy going, so smooth, moreish and easy drinking! Either way It’s a beautiful dram, which you can explore or just enjoy. High scorer with large enjoyment factor.