Whisky Review – Glendronach Cask Strength batch 2

Glendronach cask strength batch 2.
£51.95 from MasterOfMalt

Second batch release of the glendronach cask strength series. Buckle up. Ride ahead!


Ok. I was expecting a rougher ride as there is no age to this Whisky. But bugger me if it isn’t full,
Fruity, and damn right snifftastic! It’s hot, but the sherried, rum and raisin, fruitcake is all there in abundance. There’s a thick edge to the toffee sweet edge as well. It’s a very satisfying nose for a sherry head like myself!


Sweet. Sherried dark fruits. Heat comes through. Dissipates and results in the rich fruitcake notes you’d expect. Toffee. Chewy. Heavy oily mouthfeel.

Finish. Medium

. Rich toffee and sherried oak stays around to a drying conclusion. Warm. And embracing.

Adding water.

Dollop into my dram! The nose has developed a little age! There is some polished wood in the mix now. Still thick toffee but with an air of aged wood dust, which while doesn’t sound appealing it actually is! Very appealing. The palate has a more levelled balance, mouthfeel slightly diminished, in favour of a fruitier balance. It’s really a special dram. If I was blind tasting some age would come into this which would not be accurate. The finish is smooth, warming and truly feels special. Thick toffied sherry malt dominates in a warming way. The end game is just plain relaxing and therapeutic!


it’s a monster of the sherried variety. It gives what you would expect from glendroach if you know them. If you don’t. Then expect a good smooth sherried, spicy beast of a dram. It’s spicy. Easy and challenging at the same time if you want it to be! Full of the rich toffee, dark thick fruity moments that sometimes life needs to keep you on the path forward. It’s a bloody fulfilling experience.


Whisky Review – Benromach 10 year old

Benromach 10 year old
43% ABV
£31.09 from MasterOfMalt


Quite smoky, bonfire. Salty brine. Vanilla. Light cream toffees. Honey. Apples. Quite hot on the nose.


Vanilla. Light sweet peat. Honey. Creamy mouthfeel. Light and creamy. Some cereal and biscuit notes.


Vanilla. Some salt. Smoke lingers. Light easy going biscuity malt.

Adding water.

Tiny drop added. The nose is more medicinal peat smoke now. Layers of vanilla, honey and light fruits are easier to identify with some pineapple coming into play. On the palate. Fruitier, still light and with a hint of peat sweet, but the fruit is more up front, with a honey vanilla development. Finish is still lovely and light, vanilla, honey, and a tiny amount of smoke.


A very different speyside dram. Another good introductory dram for beginners who haven’t experienced peat, with a drop of water that peatiness can be toned out and it wouldn’t be wasted that way if the beginner didn’t like the peat smoke effect. It’s very light, no harshness there, nice and smooth for a 10 year old malt. It’s good stuff!


Whisky Review – Tamdhu 10 year old

Tamdhu 10 year old
40% ABV
£30.45 from MasterOfMalt

Colour. Gold


Starts off a little spirity. But time in the glass and this lifts. A light sherried malt presents itself now. Not intense or pungent. But robust and asserted. Lots of rum soaked raisins and sultanas. Some honey and brown sugar and nuts in the background.


Sweet. Slow arrival. Pepper heat of youth comes through but dark fruits and oak spices soon overpowers this and become dominant. Honey and brown sugar then come and stay for the mouth duration. Quite an oily spirit, considering its lower ABV and presentation.


Medium. Honey. Sugar. Fruit stays on the palate until the end. A little bitter at the very tail but remains palatable.

Adding water?

Any spirty edge is dissipated with a small drop of h2o. The nose becomes more rounded, settled, sweet and fruity. The honey malt stays. It’s a soft, subtle, easy dram. On the diluted palate there is the familiar sweet honey and is smoother for the water. Still has a nice oily feel though. Finish is very nice, sweet and smoother and just plain nice!


It’s a good easy drinker of a dram that needs a small drop of water to take the youth off. This dram at 15/18 years old should be stonking! Just a little time to wait. The dram does continue to develop in the glass. This is a brand new opened bottle which makes me think its worth going back in a month or so after its got some air to it.

One last thing. It’s got an awesome bottle! Really heavy and quality glass!


Macallan batch 3 (That Boutique-y Whisky Company) – Review

Macallan batch 3
That Whisky Boutique-y Company
50cl – £66.95 (Master of Malt)


It’s got that Macallan character in a good way. Lots of toffee. Thick spicy fruitcake with rich dark fruity joy. Spices aloud, cinnamon dominating. With time sat in the glass I get more intensive fruit layering evident. It’s one that you can have sat for a long time, revisiting the nose, different every time, and just begging to be drank, but still has so much to give before hitting the tastebuds.


Surprisingly delicate. Scrummy plums and prunes hit first along with that lovely spicy fruitcake heaven. Spices meander around gently. Rich malt. There’s a creamy texture to the mouth feel which just makes my mouth salivate even more.


A medium long finish. Dry, leaving those dark fruits, some sawdust, a little mustiness (in a good way), and creamy leftovers.

Adding water?

I added minuscule water due to its already low strength. On the nose the fruit is toned down, but exposes more age, developing more oak notes and sawdust. Other fruits become forefront, with stewed apples and pears coming into play. Very complex. The palate increases the varied fruit compote and is a joy to explore. The finish is slightly lighter and creamier.

Personally I would be very sparing with adding water, but it is worth the trip. Just don’t drown it!


A relaxing, complicated, but easy and enjoyable experience. A loving dram. It embraces the soul and says your worth it! An adventure of an exploratory dram, well worth chilling out to. I’d love to know its actual age!

Would I buy it? I already have! Lol.

Available at Master of Malt
Also available as a dram for £6.32