Wemyss update – tasty summer drams

Some yummy looking stuff coming from Wemyss

With the summer heating up, we have 6 new single cask releases as sizzling new drams on offer from today. The first orders to UK, EU and Asian distributors are going out later this week, so there no bottles in stores yet. Please see the press release attached.

The 6 new whiskies are:

“Apple Pastry” – 1991 single cask from Linkwood, Speyside

“Salted Caramels” – 1991 single cask from Glen Scotia, Campbeltown

“The Smokery” – 1980 single cask from Caol Ila, Islay

“Maritime Embrace” – 1989 single cask from Bunnahabhain, Islay

“Melon Cocktail” – 1994 single cask from Aberfeldy, Highlands

“Spiced Chocolate Cup” – 1997 single cask from Clynelish, Highlands

I’m hungry just reading those.

Wemyss Tweet Taste

Wemyss Tweet Tasting

Wemyss Spice King
40% ABV
£34.40 from MasterofMalt


A little smoke lingers in the dark spiced dominant nose. Lots of spices there. Very deep and hefty. Pepper, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Honey, Vanilla. Minimal Dark fruits in the background, but they are there amongst the spicy soup.


Sweet Toffee, Honey, Vanilla, Pepper. There feels a little smoke about the palate as well, just a bonfire in the background type smoke, not overly prominent, just there in the back, the odd little waft across the nose and tongue.


Warm spices stick around, with some drying vanilla and custardy creamy notes. Leaving a little wood oak, sawdust in the finale.

Adding Water?

Tiniest drop as its already low alcohol level. The hint of smoke has gone, and left behind the spiciness. Dark fruits appear more available on the nose. On the palate, its lost a little of its spicy oomph, this has been replaced with more honey and floral notes. The finish remains the same, but I sense a slight bitterness at the very end now I didn’t notice before.

Wemyss Ginger Spice
46% ABV
£114.51 from MasterofMalt


Spicy – Apples, Pineapple, Tropical Fruit Sweets, Honey, Vanilla, Lots of spice hitting the back of the nose/throat. Going to be warm this one!


Dry, clean spice flavours, Chilli especially, Honey, Vanilla, the chilli wave on the tongue gives way to waves of honied spices and a chewable oiliness. Lovely mouthfeel


Drying Oak Spices and Chilli warmth. A nice Tasty Dram.

Adding Water?

A small drop of water. More fruit is evident, an enhancement on what is already there. The spice bite is reduced, allowing for more tropical fruit enjoyment. However, the spice bite isn’t gone, its just relocated to the end development and finish. Cracking!

Wemyss Peat Chimney
£36.00 from MasterofMalt

Nose. Peat

. The Seaside BBQ variety. Medicinal with a wave of floral honey behind it. Seaside air wafting through fresh fish stands.


Light, crisp. Easy. Spiced sweet peat, grass, earth. Briny oils coating the mouth. Honey and vanilla come in, with some pepper spice, and then break down to lighter honied notes again. all the while encompassing peat smoke throughout the whole development.


Medium sweet earthy grass sits around to play. And that honey goodness reminds you to sip again

Adding Water?

Tiniest drop as its already low ABV. Tones down the smoke on the nose a little, the palate is still sumptuous and rich, but I would prefer this without the addition of water, as it weakens the overall experience a little for my liking. Plus I had hardly any of my dram left because I was enjoying it far too much!

Wemyss Chocolate Honeycomb
46% ABV
£58.29 from MasterofMalt


Ok, so this named malts thing I often giggle at, but this is Cadbury Crunchie in a glass! Chocolate, Honey, Rich Honey confectionary. Sweet sugared Honeycomb goodness smothered in milk chocolate. Need I say more? 🙂 Getting more toffee now, and some extra chocolate in there. Honey slightly subsiding, but still very evident.


Very Sweet honey and vanilla, very creamy. Mouth Coating. Its difficult to pin things down because its about the whole experience. Thick Honey, Rich Toffee, Creamy vanilla, Light milk chocolate, some wood spices, a little pepper, Chewy as anything!


Very creamy finish, drying with honied wood spices and a little dusting of cocoa.

Adding Water?

Drop into my portion of leftovers (it went down well!). If anything its more Crunchie! There is more chocolate, more honey, more everything. Really explodes bits of chunky sugared confectionary goodness in all directions with a drop of water. Palate wise its a little drier though. Has a bit of added waxiness in the later development and finish. Its a cracking dram this one.


They are all very excellent, well matured whiskies. Personally anything confectionary gets my vote, in this case there is no exception. Chocolate Honeycomb hits my spot! I can’t help it, others will like peat and go peat chimney. For me its depth of rich sweet, fattening flavours all the way! 🙂