Whisky Review – Bruichladdich Octomore 4.1

Bruichladdich Octomore 4.1
60.2% ABV
NAS – around 5 years old
Approx £100 if you can find it.
6.1 due sometime soon.

Bring the Peat!

Tasted and tested in the warm weather. Beware of inconsistencies due to British summer time!


I can’t say BANG loud enough if I tried. It’s quite loud on the nose. A bit of everything on the peat types. Medicinal, BBQ meats, maritime, a bit of everything. There is also some floral there. Reminds me of Parma violets sweets from way back when. A little honey and vanilla reside in the background. It burns the nostrils, so don’t go in too deep for fear of olfactory scolding! Some fresh cut grass, hay and earth are also nicely evident. Time in the glass expands the floral notes and gives more honeysuckle and grassy earth tones.


Sweet. Then kaboom! Salty maritime. Big heat thermonuclear stylee. Takes a while to overcome the heat. But floral pokes through, more salt, then grass and hay and earthy peat. An inferno all the way, but not unpleasantly so. It’s just a Kaiju of a mega monster!


Its a long heated hot salty beast. (Sounds so wrong). Grass and hay sticks around. A little vanilla and honey returns during the drying moments.

Adding water.

Lets bring on a Jeager to try and calm this monster. In the form of chilled spring water! And a decent dollop at that. The addition of water has calmed the alcohol blast on the nasal senses to reveal more floral complexity. And possibly a little chocolate?! Yah, a definitely light milk, almost cadburys chocolate is coming through. Left it for a while and the peat is calmed significantly, more honey and vanilla, and yeah, still got that choco thing going on. On the palate the nuke is lowered, more complexity revealed. Vanilla, honey, floral notes all there. That chocolate is also lightly tingling the taste buds. It’s really tasty and complex. The finish is much shorter, still crisp and warm, but the dryness has some oak in it, drying vanilla and wood chips.


This is a monster of a peat bombing mega dram. Takes some conquering, and a whole lot of exploration. If its anything like the Octomores I’ve tried in the past the next time I experience this creature it would have changed, mutated and attacked from a whole different standpoint. If this is the case I will add some notes. I was lucky to find one recently to explore, it must have slipped through a dimensional rift, but it was worth it! ;). This is one dram to cancel any apocalypse.

Ps. Pacific Rim. Worth a cinema viewing! It’s great fun, and a visual masterpiece!