Whisky Review – SMWS 10.141 Indulgence by the sea @SMWSUK @Bunnahabhain

SMWS 10.141 Indulgence by the sea (Bunnahabhain)

12 years old

Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel

174 bottles

59.5% ABV

Non chill filtered

No added colouring

£66 from Scotch Malt Whisky Society


Gentle vanilla and a salty sea water on first reaction. Subsequent sniffs give some tarty lemon citrus oils and a smoking tinder fire in the background. Creaminess comes out in time with a burnt butterscotch, and some pine twigs crackling on an open fire. A lot more time in the glass and things become a combination of maritime and hospital waiting rooms, with a large glass of hot toddy, honey, lemon and ginger.


Beautifully thick, oily mouthfeel, the palate is faithful to the nose. Lots of warm sweet honey and lemon, a touch of saltiness at the back of the tongue. Quite a bite of spice from the ABV, with hot ginger and a spot of clove. There’s a touch of smoke, but not a lot, more charred oak than anything.


The honey and lemon sticks around for a Medium length finish, the beautiful oiliness keeps a layer of spice and saltiness on the tongue for a little longer.

Adding water.

A good splash added. Things have got more lemon squash with some dry liquorice spiciness. The nose has some more salty maritime notes now reminiscent of fishing villages in the sunshine. The palate is sweet and sour, lots of fresh lemon, some liquorice and a salt and spice edge. With water this is a lighter, easier dram, personally for me it’s better undiluted, it’s a little more vibrant and exciting undiluted.


This is quite a summer suitable dram, one to enjoy during the lighter nights.

Thanks to SMWS for the official review sample.

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