Whisky Review – SMWS 9.72 Lockets Honey and Lemon Lozenges

SMWS 9.72 Lockets Honey and Lemon Lozenges.
17 year old.
62.1% ABV
£59.90 from SMWS


Intense lemon citrus. Rich thick Honey. Powdery Vanilla. Icing sugar. There is a menthol/eucalyptus twang.


Initially hot. Then waves of lemon followed by hot chilli spices. Milding out to hot toddy honey and lemon. Chilli sticks in there with some chewing but gives a more menthol freshness in the effect.


Chilli fades to Vanilla, lemon, citrus peel. Drying out to oak spices.

Adding water?

A good dash. Opens up more citrus fruits. Oranges. Some apple. Very much more lemons, juice and peel. More honey and vanilla. Richer overall. Some waxiness on the nose also. On the diluted palate the heat is calmed down and the chilli effect. Allowing for the honey lemons to be more exploitable. Sweet icing sugar coats those honey lemons! Mouthfeel is thick and chewy. Finish leaves some menthol and spearmint now alongside the citrus with a little fizz. Added another dollop. Still heat to the nose. Lemons seem diluted in favour of the menthol and oak spice/pepper/chilli. But then later was more lemons again. On the palate it’s getting more watery but still has an immense amount of flavour going on. Heat more diluted now, lemons, lemon oil, citrus peel. Oranges. Honey and vanilla and sugars all there still. Lighter and more layered now. Finish remains fruity as anything, warming and satisfying drying oak. Needs and can take quite a bit of water. Reminding me of old bassett’s sherbert lemons!

Thanks to SMWS for sending me a sample.


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