Talisker – a Time of Tasting Tantalising Treats

Talisker Time

Having a little comparison of a Talisker session. Enjoy. I did!

Talisker 10 year old.

£32.53 from Master of Malt


Bonfire smokey glory! This is bonfire smoke. Very bonfire night. Salty seashore. Smoked mackerel. Some fruity plum jam in the background after 15 mins in the glass. Intense pepper.


Hot pepper. Develops into live bonfire flavours. Salty maritime flavours. Nice oils on the mouthfeel.


The smoke stays. The pepper warms. And I feel good!

Adding water?

Just a few drops into half a dram. A little more medicinal on the nose. Mouth feel is less oily. Palate not quite as vibrant. Finish is more maritime and salty. It’s ok with water. But for me. Without is better.


This is a unique dram. It’s bloody great. I’ve not tried too many variants of talisker. I’ve heard the 18 is particularly good. I’m going to get a dram soon to do a compare.

Talisker 2001 distillers edition.
Finish in Amoroso casks

£59.57 from Master of Malt


Sweeter than 10 year old. All the usual talisker parts are there. Smoked fish. Bonfires. But there is a fruity note that encompasses the smoke. It’s a nice balance. The fruity jam compliments the smoke. While smoked fish jam doesn’t sound appealing I think it’s quite good in my glass!


Pepper spicy smoke is there. But a sweetness from the fruit jams. Hmmm. I like the softer feel to this. It’s very moreish.


Not quite as harsh as the 10. It has all the warmth and glow. But a dried fruitiness hangs around.

Adding water?

I’m tempted not to add water. But I’ll put a drop in for science-sake. The smoke is toned down and extra fruits are identifiable. Very orange marmalade and some plum/raisin notes. Spices are enhanced. Less oily in the mouth but has more going for it. The fruit develops more layers. Not as smoky though. Finish has piles more fruit. Hmmm. Difficult to say if I like it more with or without water drops. It very definitely changes but I’m not sure if it’s for the better. More experimentation needed.


It’s quite a different dram. Less autumn. More Christmas! I like it a lot!

Talisker storm.

£39.75 from Master of Malt


Extreme peat. Tcp. Medicinal. The leafy wood bonfires are gone for pure peat smoke. There is a little bit of the old maritime in the background but this is all about the peat. Quite fascinating that it can be so different to the 10. I wonder what the maturation changes are. It’s younger so is this what the raw spirit (I’d love to try the raw spirit) is about or was there different cask influences involved. Or a different cut of the spirit. Intriguing. It’s very intense! Smells stronger even in alcohol content even tho I know they are all the same! Youth coming through obviously.


Hot pepper is there. There is a sweeter peat and grassy nature to this one. Much more islay in style. There is a little of the talisker bonfire smoke on the palate but it takes some sucking to get through.


Sweet and long. Not as spicy or wood driven as the 10/DE.

Adding water?

After adding a drop I found the nose even more medicinal initially with some more familiar bonfire in the works. On the palate it’s sweeter and lighter. The finish gives more traditional Talisker likenesses.


Well. I have to be honest. This one is not so much for me. I really like the 10 year old. I wouldn’t be without a bottle on hand for autumn. The storm is a very nice islay-like dram with elements of Skye in there. But I like pure Skye myself. It’s just my own opinion. No offence intended!

Tantalising talisker tasting totals!

I don’t give scores. But if I did your in the 80s and early 90s! My personal order of preference is

Talisker 2001 Distiller’s Edition
Talisker 10 year old
Talisker Storm

Samples bought from Master of Malt




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