Whisky Review – Highland Park 18 year old

Highland Park 18 year old
‘Natural colour’
43% ABV
£84.95 available from MasterOfMalt

A continuation of my Highland Park adventure, this time with the 18 year old expression. I’ve been looking forward to this as it is a whisky always held in high regard. The bottle I’m reviewing from has been opened for just over a week and had a few preview samplings from 🙂


Sweet, interesting complexity. I get sherry notes, raisin, sultana, fruitcake, light cherry and some orange. We have a subtle light smokiness, bonfire smoke, twigs and leaves, not medicinal. There are some light herbs, fennel, aniseed. Spices, vanilla, clove. We also have a rounding off of toffee, honey, brown sugar and chocolate. All of this is very well balanced out. It’s a very exceptionally constructed nose.


Sweet and chewy arrival. Thick with rich toffee and honey. The development brings along some peat smoke, earth and dark fruits. Some berries alongside the sultana and fruitcake elements. Some sour cherry. Orange, clove and vanilla. Chocolate also features nicely alongside. With some nuttiness coming in the late development. This is a very flavoursome dram indeed. The mouthfeel is a little on the thin side, but there are nice oils present.


A medium-long finish. The sherried fruits remain, dark fruits, sherry, cloves, cherry stones and a touch of dry nuttiness. It remains fruity throughout. Lovely.

Adding water.

Only a small drop, as I feel it is low ABV enough for its age and I don’t want to spoil the experience I’m having. The nose is less rich, a touch more floral and the intensity of the fruit and sherry has lessened. The palate is still very flavoursome, but has less of an oiliness and richness. The finish similar in theme, less of an event and a shorter finish as well. This one…i prefer without water.


This is without a doubt my favourite Highland Park official bottling. It’s very complex, full of flavour and one to kick back to and relax with.

However…it’s pricier than the average 18 year old. If you can afford it or see it on offer then jump on it. Another issue I have. Please please. 46%. Non chill filtered. I’m positive the event would be SO much more with that style of presentation. Even just as a limited bottling opportunity! It would be a massive sell out. Trust me!

My own bottle


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