Whisky Review – Tullibardine Sovereign

Tullibardine Sovereign
43% ABV
No added colouring (presumed)
£35.75 from TheWhiskyExchange

So it begins. I’m going to review the whole range of the newly revamped Tullibardine Distillery. We begin today with the Sovereign release. Their entry level malt, matured solely in ex-bourbon. Coming up over the next several reviews we have their finished range, including Sauternes, Burgundy and Sherry. Then their premium 20 and 25 year olds.

Sovereign has recently become one of Sainsbury’s available malts, and at the moment it is available at a bargain £30.


A little spirit, but in a very nice lively way as it brings with it a bounty of fruit. Apple and pear dominate with some melon. Zesty citrus, vanilla and a pinch of pepper. With time in the glass the spirity edge subsides slightly and the depth of fruit increases.


Initially crisp, light apple fruits, then so smooth and creamy vanilla. Loads of Creme brûlée and custardy notes, so very easy drinking, light, tasty, creamy. Yum. A little pepper. Very chewable.


That creamy vanilla smoothness goes through the finish into drying out with a touch of oak.

Adding water.

Small drop added. The nose has a little added pepper and spices. The fruit intact and smell great. The palate is even lighter and creamier. There is a little added pepper mid development. The finish retains that additional spice, going again through a creamy then drying phases to the end.


This is a very lovely Whisky. I can’t say it’s overly complicated, but it’s got a great nose, the palate is easy going, it’s very easy drinking. And the overall experience is extremely positive, it’s very enjoyable, light, a summer dram without a doubt.

Many thanks to Tullibardine Distillery for providing me with a sample.


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