Whisky Review – SMWS 123.8 In The Spanish Mountains (Glengoyne – Port Cask)

SMWS 123.8 In The Spanish Mountains
Distillery – Glengoyne
Maturation – refill Port Cask
Distill date – 30th April 2001
Age – 12 years old
743 bottles
59.2% ABV
Non Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
~£50 from SMWS – now sold out.


Spicy wines. Lots of red fruits – red berries, strawberry, blackberry. Aniseed. Pepper. Ginger. A touch of chilli. Some charred oak. Vanilla. In the background a touch of tropical fruits, maybe a spot of bitter orange juice as well. A tiny pinch of coconut. Very aromatically complex.


Immediately fruitful, followed by the hit of alcohol. After that subsides we have wave after wave of fruit jams and spices. It’s a big flavoursome taste sensation, water will separate out things no doubt, but may detract from the sheer indulgence of experience.


Chest hugging warmth. Medium- long finish. A touch of toffee in the drying oak, fruit remains for a good duration, and has a very definite feel good factor.

Adding water.

Adding a good slosh of water brings forward more of the toffee malt character of the spirit. There is still ample red fruits and port influence to please. The palate is now easier thanks to the diluted alcohol, and with that more of the juiciness can be explored. There is an added sweetness, in the form of sweet chewy toffee. The finish is sweet, sugary, with the fruit more backgrounded, but with more definition. A delectable dram, brilliant with and without water.


Lush stuff…as with all SMWS…wish I could pop back to the site and buy another, but there are so many other single barrel pleasures to try, Whisky life will never get boring with the SMWS releasing such quality stuff.


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