Alternative Review – The Armagnac Advent Calendar. 

The Armagnac Advent Calendar.   

This is the first window in my lovely Armagnac advent calendar, featuring 24 different Armagnacs. These are a spectacular gift for the one you love. I swear you will get all the favours you want through December and an awesome Christmas present(s) if you give one of those to your loved one. And not just Armagnac, there is everything from Whisky (including an awesome Premium whisky Calendar), gin, mescal, bourbon, and even chilli vodka (you may not get so many favours with that one, it’s an acquired taste). Check them out here
The various Spirits Advent Calendars. 

Behind the number 1 window. Dec 1st (opened Nov 11th!)

Clos Martin XO 15 year old Folle Blanche
Bas Armagnac. 
40% ABV


Very complex and different to what I’m used to (first Armagnac review for me!) Almond marzipan. Quite a dusty milk chocolate. Hessian soaked in brandy. Raw cashew. Very nutty and oily on the nose. Soaked plump plums. Figgy pudding. Brown sugar. Fruity coffee. A little perfume/floral in the background. Rich desert wine comes to mind, sweet and sumptuous. I’m liking this, it’s an easy continuous sniffer. 


Rich, stewed fruits. Loads of plums, sultanas, soaked in booze. Christmas pudding. Later in the development the nuttiness comes through with almond rich marzipan (so now Christmas cake with marzipan and icing comes to mind). Some mild, sweet, milky coffee with a chocolate flake dipped in. I need to learn more, I don’t know what the score is with filtration and if it’s a similar situation to whisky, but this does have a nice oiliness to it. 


A medium length of fruity coffee dregs and powdered almonds remains. Reminds me of a sponge cake mix made with powdered almonds rather than flour (try it. It’s lush!)

Adding Water?

Small drop added. More floral now. Brand new plastic light fittings straight out of the polythene bags! Now I know that sounds weird. But seriously! The palate retains a lot of stewed fruits and depth, very coating and pleasing on the palate. The finish has a little more charred oak notes. I kind of prefer without water. I think. 


Something very new and different for me. I mean I have had Armagnac before, but only one and really didn’t concentrate on it further than yummy. Armagnac is a beautiful drink, and something I recommend as a little variation to keep your whisky adventures interesting with the occasional break.

Thanks to Drinks by the Dram for the awesome advent calendar. I am going to blissfully enjoy the next 23 new Armagnac Adventures. 

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